The lodge received the letter below from our first user of the 'The Royal British Legion Suite,' our specially adapter suit for those with greater than normal needs. It is so nice to hear feedback from those who use our facilities, so that we can keep improving. Thank you Elizabeth for your kind words.

Dear Chris,

You have just GOT to tell Mum and dad that I have this AM had simply the best, safest shower I have ever had away from home. I always take a suction ring grip to hold onto and a rubber mat for the shower floor. But still I have difficultly with getting in & out especially out as I feel I am stepping into the abyss – my balance!

I just sat on the shower seat and wept this morning. I washed my hair without one hand holding on to the rail. What a joy it has given me. Thank you so much for allowing me to use this facility  I “lurve” it.

The room is beautifully arranged  just need a small wardrobe.

Please thank them for the bottle of "drinkies" it is much appreciated.

Thank you Chris for passing this on.