Speed Limit on access track

Over the coming months visitors should be aware that there will be an increase the the track usage up to the lodge. This will be mainly due to the tree felling that will start early November.

Users are reminded that there is a 15mph speed limit when using the track, this is not only for the users safety, but to ensure that the track is kept in the best condition it can be.

Lodge access track

Starting around the second week of November, the Forestry Commission will start to harvest and manage the forestry around the track leading up to the lodge. This work will continue for a number of months and visitors are to be aware that there will be an increase in traffic on the track, including heavy goods vehicles.

Extra care should be taken when navigating your way up to the lodge; look out for an increase of road/track users in vehicles or on foot. 

As winter draws in, please also pay attention to the changing conditions and take the appropriate precautions.

Bridge to be replaced

The 'Bailey Bridge', which was laid down in 1965, is finally to be replaced, starting on 31 Oct 16. The work will go on for one week.

During this period access to the lodge will be unavailable.

The bridge is being replaced because the Scottish Forestry Commission need a bridge with a higher weight classification to be in place before they start to fell and recover timber from the surrounding area.

Bailey Bridge

Visitors to the lodge need to be aware that once forestry work starts, there will be an increase in traffic along the track leading to the lodge. Drivers should take extra care and strictly adhere to the posted speed limits. 

Ex Rothiemurchus Challenge 2016

Following the success of the 'Challenge' in 2015, this annual event will be once again run at the end of September and open to all service personnel in teams of four.

There will be a £30.00 per team (£7.50 per individual) personal financial contribution required and places are limited to 64 personnel (16 teams).  Any Establishment, Ship, Unit, Regiment or Department wishing to enter the RC 2016 can contact the organisers (details above) or speak to their unit PT Staff. Entries must be returned by 1600 on Mon 29 Aug 16. 

Team entries will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and will be confirmed once payment has been received. 

Exercise Snow Cub

Exercise Snow Cub

A total of 78 students attended the Exercise Snow Cub skiing package, from a combination of regular, reserve and UOTC groups. The first week package enjoyed some terrific skiing and great weather conditions which resulted in 21 personnel gaining the Ski Foundation Level 1 qualification (SF1). Unfortunately due to some terrible weather including the start of the storm season, the second package had to be cancelled.  This was certainly the challenge with the majority of the skiing that followed.

Ex Cairngorm Crusade

Ex Cairngorm Crusade

Monday mornings usually bring misery to the majority of us, but for a group of lucky Sailors from HMNB Clyde they managed to beat that dreaded feeling and found themselves on their way to the beautiful landscapes of Aviemore in the highlands, for a week of Adventurous Training.  For 2 weeks in September, Exercise Cairgorm Crusade is a highlight on the calendar of HMS Neptune, where over the space of 2 weeks 40 or so service men and women of all ranks and rates are encouraged to get out of their usual workplace and into the great outdoors to breathe in the fresh Scottish air in the name of AT.