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Thunder in the Glens


Start Date:  25 August 2017 12:00
End Date:  28 August 2017 23:59

Thunder in the Glens has become an annual event in Aviemore and one of the major events in the UK for Harley-Davidson fans. People travel from all over the world to enjoy the event. It is now officially the largest Harley Davidson rally in the UK with an ever-growing number of loyal fans.

While you are there you could enjoy many of the trade stands supporting local charities and a number of participant demonstrations.

Saturday Mass ride out to Grantown on Spey starts at 12.00 noon. Sunday 2.00pm to 4.00pm – charity rides on the back of a Harley-Davidson in Rally Village.




Lodge access track

Starting around the second week of November, the Forestry Commission will start to harvest and manage the forestry around the track leading up to the lodge. This work will continue for a number of months and visitors are to be aware that there will be an increase in traffic on the track, including heavy goods vehicles.

Extra care should be taken when navigating your way up to the lodge; look out for an increase of road/track users in vehicles or on foot. 

As winter draws in, please also pay attention to the changing conditions and take the appropriate precautions.


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Bridge to be replaced

The 'Bailey Bridge', which was laid down in 1965, is finally to be replaced, starting on 31 Oct 16. The work will go on for one week.

During this period access to the lodge will be unavailable.

The bridge is being replaced because the Scottish Forestry Commission need a bridge with a higher weight classification to be in place before they start to fell and recover timber from the surrounding area.

Bailey Bridge

Visitors to the lodge need to be aware that once forestry work starts, there will be an increase in traffic along the track leading to the lodge. Drivers should take extra care and strictly adhere to the posted speed limits. 

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