A total of 78 students attended the Exercise Snow Cub skiing package, from a combination of regular, reserve and UOTC groups. The first week package enjoyed some terrific skiing and great weather conditions which resulted in 21 personnel gaining the Ski Foundation Level 1 qualification (SF1). Unfortunately due to some terrible weather including the start of the storm season, the second package had to be cancelled.  This was certainly the challenge with the majority of the skiing that followed.  On the third week we only had 2 and a half days with good skiing conditions.  However this resulted in 7 additional personnel alsogaining the SF1 qualification.  These were a mixed group of referrals from previous packages.  Therefore in total 28 personnel qualified to SF1 from a challenging time with the weather.  This still proved to be a successful exercise in introducing novice personnel to downhill skiing in preparation for Ex Snow Lion.

Ex Snow Lion is due to take place on 28 February 2016, this is aimed at introducing personnel to competition skiing.